Asthma New Zealand - Breathe Easy Mobile App

It’s time to get your asthma under control...

The Breathe Easy App is a new way to manage your Asthma anywhere, anytime. Asthma New Zealand’s Breathe Easy App prompts and reminds you to manage your asthma on a daily basis. Now your doctor or health professional can have a 360° view of your asthma symptoms and how you are managing it. No more paper plans, no more missing your medication, no more wheezing unnecessarily. Life is about to get a little easier now that you can Breathe Easy.

Obtain a 360° overview of your asthma control

Quickly check via your personal dashboard what your last peak flow reading was, when your next doctor’s appointment is and whether your asthma is under control.

Set automatic reminders that count

Never forget to take your preventer medication or peak flow again. You can also enter your next doctor’s appointment or when you need to refill your script.

Test your asthma control

Take our Asthma Control TestTM and get instant feedback whether on your asthma is under control.

Setup your Asthma Action Plan

If your asthma gets worse, you will know what to do by following your personal treatment plan.

Record how you feel

Use your app to record a symptoms diary and record your peak flow readings to help you keep track of your Asthma Control.

Know your peak flow

Find out what your expected peak flow should be for your age and what your best personal peak flow reading is.

Chart, compare and share your health

You can review your peak flow readings and Asthma Control Test scores and share them with your health professional.

Get by with a little help from your friends

When your asthma is of concern you can quickly send your support person an emergency sos.

Contribute to ongoing research on asthma

Opt in and contribute to our anonymous Asthma Research project to help find out more about Asthma in New Zealand.

Know what to do in an emergency

Store your emergency numbers and access timely information on hand on what to do when your symptoms are getting worse.

Asthma Inbox

Keep up to date with asthma-related news and events and send Asthma New Zealand emails on the go.

Built for Kiwis and free to download thanks to all the nice people below: