Asthma New Zealand

Asthma New Zealand

Asthma New Zealand is dedicated to helping people with Asthma and their families. It is a national organisation that works in partnership with Alliance Partners throughout New Zealand to provide training, capsule education and support to people with Asthma (and their families) in order that they might lead as normal a lifestyle as possible.

About the App

Asthma New Zealand has developed an Asthma Management smartphone application in conjunction with VADR which is free for people with Asthma to download. After consultation with industry experts and end users have released our first version on the iPhone and iTouch.

This application has been developed to improve and eventually replace current paper based Asthma Management plans. The aim of an Asthma Management action plan is to help the person with Asthma and/or their carer take early action to prevent or reduce the severity of an Asthma attack as there is no “cure” for Asthma.


New Zealand has the second highest prevalence of Asthma in the world (after the UK). 600,000+ New Zealanders suffer from Asthma and over 100 people die from it each year. Your Asthma can be greatly improved by following and adhering to the treatment plan provided to you by your health professional. If you would like to assist us with our testing or be notified when the app is ready, you can sign up via Facebook here or enter your email below.


Funding and support for the development of the Asthma New Zealand Breathe Easy App has been provided by:


MedRepublic acts as a central hub for users with a MedRepublic ID to store their mHealth data. A MedRepublic ID allows you to sign-in and use other mHealth developed by VADR. These include similar tools that address chronic conditions such as Anxiety, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity.